27 December 2012

This is a post just to let the world know that the Lundberg Family is alive and doing well 4 years since the last post.  We have survived an awful lot since that photo and we are still all TWEEEEEDLES!  Some things NEVER change!  Lots of new family members and milestones.  We had a great Christmas Party at Gerald's.  It was great to be with everyone.  2013 here we come!  How's that for summarizing the last 4 years. 

05 October 2008

Visit with Van Woerkom's

Heidi Van Woerkom, Michael, Jon Van Woerkom & Holly, Jon's daughter (from L to R).

We had a great visit on August 31!

20 August 2008

Allie Got Game

This game was vs. Box Elder. Allie had four nice shots on goal, but no goals (good goalie!) - she is really fun to watch. This game had a pretty decent fight with 2 red cards issued.

Rise & Shout 2008!!

It's time for football. Rise & Shout!

03 May 2008

Posing with Pug

We had some family pics taken today and when we got home decided to do one with Atlas

24 December 2007

My FireTruck PJ's - FINALLY!!!!

I've grown up asking for Fire Truck PJ's as long as I can remember. When I learned that Julie (my wife) was a seamstress extraodinaire, I continued my request annually. The years flew by; each Christmas Eve Julie gives the kids and I a new pair of PJ's she has made. Every year I received a new hand-made pair of PJ's, often outstandingly cool material, including the almost-close-enough "Police Car Jammies."

Until this year.

Christmas 2007 shall ever more be known as the "Year Michael got His Fire Truck Jammies."

Here is me showing them the way they are designed to be worn.

And here is the way Julie thinks they should be worn. Your vote?


What an incredible year. How blessed and fortunate we all are to be a family.

I love you all. Merry Christmas!


18 December 2006

Letter from Mark 18 Dec 2006

Dear Family,

We had a great week. I am still in Plattevill with Elder Christensen. several missionaries were suprised to see us stay for a 3rd transfer but we are both excited to get to stay for christmas and new years.

The weather here has been great. we have yet to have any snow stick to the ground this winter. this past week it was up in the high 40's and even 50 a few days. someone told us there is a posibility of snow next weekend, just in time for christmas. I hope it waits till the last minute before christmas to snow.

I think on Christmas we are planning on calling in the morning. I was thinking probably about 10:00 am my time, 9:00 yours. If I decide to do a different time we can call on christmas eve, or christmas morning and schedule a time.

We are going to our Branch President's house for Christmas. on christmas we get to watch one sporting event and one movie. he told us that one of the tv stations is re-broadcasting the BYU-Utah game that day. we are excited about that one even though we already know the unfortunate outcome.

We had our branch Christmas party on saturday. It was great. Elder Christensen and i did The Who's on First again and did it better than at christmas zone conferance. all of the members complimented us on it afterward. it was a big hit. I got a Video of it on my camera(I will probably be sending it home soon.) we also found out yesterday that we are both singing in church next week. there is a member that has a bunch of music that we are going to pick from. she said she had a couple of good ideas.

I found out the the Elkhorn ward had their 4th convert baptism since i left.the most recent was on the 10th. His name Is Steve Russel. if you Look back to the letter i sent on the 10th of July I mentioned him then. he was a former investigator. i had a prompting to call our former investigators, after 30 to 40 minutes on the phone he was the only one to answer. he told us that normaly he wouldn't have been home but he was having health problems and couldn't go to work. about a month later he was back to work going crazy hours again and hard to contact, but because we were in contact before we knew when to contact him. so we found him at the perfect time. we gave him a health blessing in which we told him that he still had some time, but not too long. we also told him that if he was faithful he would join the church (at the time we thought that ment in the next life) It was great to hear that he was baptized and to see how i was aan instrument in helping bring someone into the church. i am now glad that i followed through with that prompting, even though at the time i was having a rough time with my companion.

Next week we have an investigator (Michelle Fernandez) getting baptized. we were a bit concirned that she would have problems with tithing, or the word of wisdom. but she was ok with both. he husband (Tex Fernandez) doesn't want to give up his coffee, but he wanted to wait on baptizm anyway, so that gives us time to work with him. i think when the time comes he will be willing to give up his coffee. the branch president joking with him yesterday said "you know tex, that is a big font, it costs a lot of money to fill that font. If you are planning on getting baptized in a couple weeks, you might as well do it next sunday with michelle and save the time and the money to do it again." it was funny. tex is a joker so he had a good laugh at it.

Thanks for all that you do for me. I love you all.

Elder Lundberg

Letter from Mark 11 Dec 2006

Dear Family,

Well, Transfers are this week, we find out tomorrow what is happening, and then on the 14th everyone switches. our week has been filled with some big highs and lows. as we contacted all of our investigators, untill saturday they were all comming. On Saturday one after the other told us that they were not comming and only 2 of the 10 came to church. most had good excuses, and still want to come to church, but it was a bit frustrating. we did have a person show up to church who had just moved from Louisiana and is "church shopping" she didn't know anything about the church or anyone in the church, just decided to show up. we talked to her and will be going to visit them this week.

On saturday we had an appointment with Tex and Michelle Fernandez, orur 2 investigators that have been comming consistanly. we were planning to sat a baptimal date for Christmas eve with michelle. She wants to be baptized and tex said he will probably be baptized, but he wants to wait a little. the appointment was canciled but they said they would come to church so we planned on seting the date at church. before we could get to that she approached the Branch president and set her own date for christmas eve. we thought that was cool, and are very excited for her.

Today because it is the last preparation day of the transfer, we are going into madison and the whole zone is going to do preparation day together. it should be fun.

The members here have been great and even though it is a small branch the have done an amazing job of feeding us. especially recently because they know that one of us will be leaving. we have had a dinner appointment evey day for a while, and have even had some lunch and breakfast appointments. Elder christensen said about 4 prayers yesterday because it might be his last sunday here. it has been funny.

Christmas Zone Conferance went great. Elder Christensen and i did "Who's on First" we had a very fun time. in our zone skit, there was a part that E. Christensen and i were acting like we were tracting adn there were people that we tracted into that think we are pool salesmen and we think they are golden investigators. we talked to them about tithing and they thought monthly payments. It was funny. E Christensen had seen something like that before so we did what he could remember and made up the rest.

I got to go, Thank you for all of your love and support. I love you all

Elder Lundberg